Week In Review
Obama-Health Care
North Korea
government unfair
Amendment 28 
Canadian Gun Laws
Home Defense-Guns and Swords
AZ Senate Rejects UN
Call in Jesse   
God Forsaken Desert
Back to Senate Rejects UN
UK Footprints in the Snow lead to Arrest
Man charged with 13 DUIs finally goes to jail
Main Ingredient in WD40
call in Ben
Playmate Dead at 70
Cold War II
Gun friendly
Truck Drivers-They should be able to carry
Person to Person Violence
Call in Trucker Mike
Firearms in Florida-Highest Cop Killings
Boarder Patrol
Living off the grid illegal? 
Humidity and hurricanes
Cooperation out of Rockford still there?
Jobs moved out of country
Gas Attacks
*tech problems*
DHS excuses for buying ammo
Call in Trucker Mike
Military Experiences
Bio Attack
Next Weeks Topics

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