Week In Review 5/5/13
-The week of May 6 is National Clitoris Week. Give some love this week.*Call in from Blind Lawerance*
-Court in Texas is making strippers wear bikini tops instead of pasties to cut down on drugs, theft and prostitution.
-Call in from Sonny Bama producer and solo rapper. 
-call in from Matt #1 Lighting director for linkin park to talk to Sonny Bama about the music industry.
-Women in New York was drugged and raped at the Ritz Carlton. Women met a man she had met on the internet at the Ritz and he drugged her and had sex with her unconscious body.
-Virgin America is promoting in flight flirting.
-Poisened OJ in California was switched out for good OJ in Starbucks. She is facing charges for poisening and attempted murder.
-Madrid Iowa loses her nose in a dog attack. Her husband bit the dog to get the dog to let go of his wife.
-A Florida man learned that it is better to pack your drugs in your fanny pack not your fanny. 
-Car talk...what is a supercharger engine? What came first the turbo or supercharger?