Week In ReviewMarch 3rd 2013

We started the show talking about Budweiser and the frivolous lawsuit filed against them about alcohol content in their products A 7 year old Maryland boy was suspended for eating a pastry into a shape that was said to resemble a gun A judge finds a Gaston Pastor Innocent for trying to have a Gay experience with a Undercover Police man State reps in Olympia Washington propose a tax of $25 on bicycles over $500 due to excess CO2 being produced by riders A Florida Teen is Suspended for stopping a shooting on a bus for another student. A Indonesian woman Drowns her 9 year old son cause he has a small penis Johnny Calls in from Iowa to report a sighting of Govt Towers believed to possibly be Drone Control towers Jesse DOES NOT believe in Aliens Buzzard Bob calls in the show goes south when tower talk turns into Poop on a doorstep talk We talk about bejing Air Pollution being absolutely horrid and the money being used to fix the air quality