Activist prankster discovers irony free zone

Steve Watson
Nov 25, 2013

Americans in San Diego were recently captured on camera signing a petition to ban petitions, without understanding the irony, or even questioning what they were being asked to do.

Activist and cultural prankster Mark Dice highlights the ongoing zombification of the US public in his latest ‘man on the street’ video, once again proving that many people will just sign anything if it is shoved in front of them and accompanied by a monotone NPR-like voiceover.

“I don’t know what these people think gives them the right to petition in a public place.” Dice is seen saying to a passer-by in the video. “It’s just uncalled for,” the man replies, while eagerly signing the petition – the irony going straight over his head.

“These rude people just approaching strangers asking them to sign CRAZY petitions,” Dice states as the man walks off saying “it’s outrageous.”

“There’s people always asking people to sign petitions on the pier here, so this petition will ban petitions,” Dice tells another signatory who states “it’s the most logical petition I’ve ever heard of.”

While laughing about the petition, and clearly unsure about the logistics of a petition to ban petitions, another girl puts her name to it anyway, while Dice essentially tells her there are people making spoof videos enticing unsuspecting passers-by to sign bogus petitions.

A couple of far eastern descent do not seem to understand what they are signing, asking “we are petitioning what for?”, but go ahead regardless with Dice telling them it is “the final nail in the petition coffin.”

“Petition, petition, petitions,” is all another young man can muster out of his mouth as he blindly signs the farcical paper Dice hands him.

As Dice asks another woman to sign the petition, explaining that there are too many crazy petitions, she states “I don’t mind,” before admitting “oh yeah I sign a lot them.”

A girl in a group states that she maybe would sign the petition should Dice not stand right in front of her aggressively waving the petition in her face – right as he explains that he is trying to ban petitioners aggressively petitioning people.

“I am one of those people, I’m one of those aggressive petitioners! I’m sorry.” Dice states.

Only one person calls Dice out, saying “isn’t that like an oxymoron?” and refusing to sign the petition, saying “it goes back to freedom of speech, bro.”

In his ongoing exploration of  the dumbing down of the population, Dice recently filmed himself garnering serious responses from Americans concerning their views on Al Qaeda building a base on the Moon, and Mount Rushmore being torn down to pay off government debt.

He has also regularly enticed people to sign petitions to implement a Nazi police state in America, to support  repealing the Bill Of Rights,  banning the First and Second Amendments, as well as throwing gun owners in prison, and enforcing mandatory euthanasia of elderly people.

Dice also recently gathered many signatures on a petition to grant President Obama complete immunity to commit any crimes he wishes while in office.