Will “probably catch the funeral on TV”

Steve Watson
Nov 11, 2013

Activist prankster Mark Dice is back with another video this week, highlighting the ongoing zombification of the youth of America as he asks people for their reaction to the “recent death of Martin Luther King”.

Of course, the iconic civil rights leader was assassinated some 45 years ago now, but not one single person Dice interviewed seemed aware of this fact. Indeed they fully believed Dice when he told them that King had been run over by a car in Washington DC and died of internal injuries at the age of 84.

“I think it’s bad that he died, but other that that, y’know we just got to move forward from here, y’know and just change things.” said one man, stuttering over his scrambled response.

“That’s too bad, I don’t know what to say,” added another man, clearly unaware of who King was or what he stood for.”

“A lot of my friends are black people, I love black people.” said another man.

While some of those Dice interviewed knew who King was, they seemed blissfully unaware that King died in 1968, shot down in Memphis after devoting 13 years of his life to the civil rights movement.

“I just think a lot of people can learn from him, and his legacy should continue on.” another person told Dice, ignorant of the fact that the Nobel Peace Prize winner’s legacy has been living on for four decades already.

When Dice asked another man if he would be attending King’s funeral next week, he replied “No, but I wish I could though. I can’t make it.”

“I don’t know,” replied another, adding “where is the funeral? I would but I don’t have any money. I’ll probably just watch it on TV.”

“I will be watching.” said another man who declared that MLK had “done a lot for African Americans.”

When King was assassinated, Americans took to the streets as riots broke out in many U.S. cities. Clearly, as Dice’s video demonstrates, should any leading anti-establishment figure be killed today, the majority would probably opt to watch TV, or skateboard instead.

Dice has recently filmed himself asking Americans for their views on Al Qaeda building a base on the Moon, and Mount Rushmore being torn down to pay off government debt.

He has also regularly enticed people to sign petitions to implement a Nazi police state in America, to support  repealing the Bill Of Rights,  banning the First and Second Amendments, as well as throwing gun owners in prison, and enforcing mandatory euthanasia of elderly people.

Dice also recently gathered many signatures on a petition to grant President Obama complete immunity to commit any crimes he wishes while in office.