Report warns ‘Syrian rebels’ could launch chemical attacks against the west

Paul Joseph Watson
September 11, 2013

Image: Wikimedia Commons

12 years after 9/11, a Bipartisan Policy Center report warns that Al-Qaeda’s presence in Syria is enabling the terror group to undergo a process of “revival and resuscitation” which could lead to chemical weapons attacks against the west.

The report is produced by the Bipartisan Policy Center’s Homeland Security Project and is entitled Jihadist Terrorism: A Threat Assessment.

Despite one of the report’s authors Peter Bergen telling a press conference that “Al Qaeda central is basically on life support,” the report notes that the civil war in Syria is providing the terror organization with a new “foothold” and a “chance to regroup, train, and plan operations,” enabling their “revival and resuscitation.”

The Obama administration’s insistence that the United States intervene militarily on the side of Syrian rebels, who are being led by Al-Qaeda affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra, which the report states is the “most effective fighting force in Syria,” has led to charges by the likes of Senator Ted Cruz that the White House is acting as “Al-Qaeda’s Air Force.”

The BPC report also warns that chemical weapons falling into the hands of jihadists in Syria could subsequently be used against the west.

“Potential jihadi access to the vast stockpile of chemical weapons assembled by the Assad regime and scattered across Syria is a potential game-changer though—not only because they could be used there, but because they could be smuggled out of the country as well,” states the report.

The report highlights how Jabhat al-Nusra is under the control of Al-Qaeda leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri, who “personally intervened to settle a dispute between Jabhat al-Nusra and al-Qaeda in Iraq….and declared the Syrian group to be under his direction.”

The group’s presence in Syria could create a “long-term safe haven” located “in the heart of the Arab world and next door to Israel,” leading to, “an organization with the intention and capability to attack the West. It could also be the success al-Qaeda needs to revive itself,” states the report, adding that a foothold in Syria could serve as “a launching pad for attacks against” Europe and Israel.

The White House’s sustained financial and potential military support for rebels who are fighting alongside Al-Qaeda militants who have been responsible for a plethora of atrocities in Syria is one of the primary reasons why the majority of the American people, along with most members of Congress, do not support the Obama administration’s plan for military intervention.

These same militants, have repeatedly voiced their hatred for and intention to destroy America, as they ransack Christian churchesburn US flags, chant anti-American slogans and sing the praises of Osama Bin Laden while glorifying the 9/11 attacks.

As the New York Times reported, these very same terrorists killed U.S. troops in Iraq and yet western backing for the insurgency against Bashar Al-Assad has greased the skids for violent extremists to potentially seize power in Syria.

It is disturbingly ironic that on the 12th anniversary of 9/11, the White House is now on the same side as the terrorist organization charged with carrying out the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon which killed nearly 3,000 Americans.

Watch a video below in which Syrian rebels praise Osama Bin Laden while glorifying the 9/11 attacks