Elites avoid metal detectors by using club entrance

Paul Joseph Watson
November 4, 2013

Attendees at this past weekend’s Breeders’ Cup World Championships faced TSA-style security measures to enter Santa Anita Park, with security officers rifling through their bags – although elites were able to avoid the harassment by using a separate club entrance.


An elderly attendee who has been visiting Santa Anita Park for 50 years caught the whole procedure on camera. The footage shows lines of people being forced to place cellphones and wallets in clear plastic boxes as if they were going through airport security. After additional bag searches, the attendees are then made to pass through a metal detector. A man with a handheld metal detector is also on hand to conduct additional searches.

“All bags and purses open please,” orders one of the security guards.

When the man asks a security officer about the proceedings, he refuses to appear on camera. A second officer then asks why the man is filming. The officer then demands that the man quit filming him although he fails to provide a lawful reason, before walking away.

A second video shows a club house for private members which allows attendees to enter the racetrack without being subjected to a metal detector scan. Just three security guards are situated outside the club house to carry out random bag searches, although none were captured on the video.

This is yet another example of how TSA-style security theater is being expanded way beyond airports.

Runners at the New York Marathon on Saturday were also subjected to similar treatment, with participants having their bags inspected as well as being monitored by 1500 surveillance cameras on the route.

If the terrorists’ goal was to change Americans’ way of life then the terrorists have clearly won since obnoxious checkpoint-style police state security is now being applied to more and more elements of public life across the country.