This speaker has been a part of my daily routine for months. Whether I’m working around the house, showering, or out by the pool, the Jawbone Jambox offers a really convenient, well-rounded sound, and plentiful battery situation for me. I’ve had no problems with this thing. Everything Jawbone makes is pretty good, but this speaker has become one of their finest products.

It uses microUSB to charge, and packs a ton of bass for its’ size. I can’t say enough wonderful things about this little speaker. I listen to talk radio, rock, and rap on it, and each sounds wonderful.

The really great thing about this speaker is how well it seems to sync up to my phones. After I paired it one time, all I need to do is turn it on and it seems to connect immediately to my phone. It doesn’t get any better than that.

It’s also extremely portable. It weighs around a pound if I’m guessing, which I am. It also fits easily into a carrying case, but you can carry it in your hand. So if you’re out back listening to RasRadioLive on your phone’s speaker, ante up and buy a real speaker! Let’s do this thing!