“On Thursday January 25th around 10:30 pm, Keith was in his apartment when he heard a noise outside of his bedroom door. The 2nd time he heard it he opened the door and found someone standing in his living room.

Not knowing what was going on he did have his notebook in his hand which contained his weapon that he has in his home for protection.

When he looked towards his front door he saw that it was opened and the landlord was outside the door with a police officer. When the man in the living room turned around he saw that he was also an officer so he threw his notebook containing the weapon on the bed. The officer asked what it was he threw on the bed and barged into the bedroom. When he discovered it was a weapon he arrested Keith right inside of his home.”

My questions- Why were they in the house, who gave permission to enter the residents, and who gave him permission to enter the room!!! There is something out there called the 4th Amendment!


Here is the Article from NJ.com

A Jersey City man was arrested after police found an assault rifle in his home similar to the one used in the massacre of 20 students and six teachers in Newtown, Conn., on Dec. 14, officials said.

Bail for Keith Pantaleon, 33, of Tuers Avenue, was set at $75,000 when he appeared in court yesterday on charges related to the Bushmaster assault rifle model XM15-E2S and other weapons.

The assault rifle had a bayonet mount and its barrel was threaded to accept a muzzle flash suppresser, making it illegal in New Jersey, Deputy Police Chief Peter Nalbach said.

Pantaleon was also charged with unlawfully transporting a large-capacity ammunition magazine when three, 30-round magazines were found at his home Friday, the complaint says. Police did not say what led them to Pantaleon’s residence.

Police say Adam Lanza was armed with a Bushmaster XM15-E2S rifle and handguns when he killed 20 students ages 7 and under and six staff members at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in December.

Hudson Catholic High School, which is located near Pantaleon’s residence, and another nearby school, Primary Prep Elementary School, sent notices to parents.

In the letter posted on the elementary school’s website, director Maureen Hoffman says she was notified by Jersey City Police Chief Tom Comey that a man was arrested in possession of a “dangerous weapon” and ammunition.

“I was assured by the chief of police that there is no indication of terrorist activity . . . As always, school safety is our number one priority,” reads the letter.

Pantaleon appeared in Central Judicial Processing court in Jersey City yesterday via a videolink from the Hudson County jail in Kearny.