Happy 4th of July ‘Merica.
Facebook sarcasm cause for arrest?
How much does the 1st amendment protect us?
Lee Camp MOC #233
America, fuck yeah!
Our greatest export is our culture.
Four Toed joins MSR in studio to #occupy kitchen
Kevin Harris calls to chime in.

Ferris’s assistant, $2 Jen calls in for a Top Ten HR violation list.
Many great characters refused to wear pants.
LexyRas calls in to invite $2 Jen to bunk with her lesbian, clown-mom.
LexyRas confused for a stripper in a gorilla costume.

FourToed Knows his limitations
Man was arrested for fighting a stop sign & lost
America needs to catch up and show nipple
Ferris discusses the FourToed cock-blockade
KinkyKatie calls in to talk about horrible pickup lines
Are human beings inherently violent?
Homo to homeless.
Amber calls in revisit pickup lines, both good and bad.
Abrupt show ending, see ya later suckas.

*Bonus Audio, 4th of July party line with RasRadio favorites.