by Chris and Sheree Geo

Truth Frequency Radio

dzokhar-tsaranev It is almost 5:30 in the morning where we are right now, and Sheree was doing what she does best – researching, poring over news articles about the recent Marathon Bombing, trying to figure out how this is going to play out. Much has been uncovered, but nothing astonished us more than the New York Times article in which they say that Dzokhar Tsarnaev was a “9/11 truther”. But that’s not all. Not only is he an evil “conspiracy theorist”, he’s also “anti-American” for believing that our government orchestrated 9/11. Speaking of his twitter account:

“Blatant anti-American statements are not a consistent theme. But, last September, before he became a naturalized citizen on Sept. 11, however, he wrote a post saying that he doesn’t understand ‘why it’s hard for many of you to accept that 9/11 was an inside job.’”

And before any of you “9/11 skeptics” start running your mouths about “Conspiratards” or “tin-foil-hatters”, do a little research. This kid was on scholarship at Dartmouth. He speaks 6 languages. Yeah, you heard that right: 6. How many languages do you speak?

In an event as huge and absolutely horrific as this, “Muslim extremism” isn’t gonna cut it as a culprit, especially when the Mujahideen is claiming they had nothing to do with the attack, and every Muslim group I’ve seen so far has denounced the attacks. So who are they going to blame?

They have to blame a group that’s a. causing them the most problems, and b. include people of all backgrounds, nationalities, races, etc. so they can selectively harass and spy on these people. 9/11 truthers, people who believe in chemtrails, people who even believe that guns are a right but also believe that we are in far too deep economically to be pursuing war with Iran (denial of the left-right paradigm) are the most dangerous thing to the elite. They are far, far more dangerous than any terror cell in the world, because it is they who are pulling the curtains back, letting Dorothy see the wizard in his pathetic grasps for glory and control over his subjects. It will be them who will be the true “martyrs”, if you want to call it that (I kind of don’t, personally, but it’s the best word to describe a journalist ending up dead because he was trying to save humanity from being enslaved somehow.)

In many ways, however, we should be thanking the New York Times, the Boston Globe, the Daily Mail, the L.A. Times, MSNBC, Fox News, CNN, and all the others for completely vindicating us as a group of open-minded individuals. Even if you don’t believe 9/11 was an “inside job”, you can still see how the system is unbelievably corrupt, and that the FBI has been playing with fire with this whole domestic terror proliferation thing, and now people are dead because of it, and that Obama needs to make good on his promise now of seeing to it that the TRUE perpetrators of this act are punished.

The people of the United States demand answers. And now, the U.S. government wants to punish them for their demands. Just wait and see.


Other Interesting Factoids

1. The NY Daily News totally screwed up:

Screenshot_17I guess the journalist didn’t get the memo with the cover story of his brother getting run over and dragged by baby brother.

2. Tamerlan was a husband and father

Apparently, he had an American wife who had converted to Islam. They have a 2 year old son together. In 2009, he was hit with a “domestic violence” charge, which could possibly have been the reason he needed to resort to “other” means of getting his citizenship.

3. Who is Brendan Mess?

 On September 12, 2011, Tamerlan’s “only American friend” (along with another acquaintance) was killed in an extremely bizarre manner. From the Daily Mail UK:

Their bodies were found covered in marijuana in an apartment in Waltham, Massachusetts, and had their throats slit with a knife or ice pick.

Initially police said two other people had been there on the day and they were looking to question them although no one has ever been charged.

(Will update as more information gets filtered through the propaganda-removing filters here at K-TFRN)