Roku is a small box that hooks directly to your television to provide thousands of channels that provide millions of hours of content. This Roku box is capable of providing you with everything a cable box does, with the price of less than one month of your standard cable bill.

The channels that Roku offers include Netflix, Crackle, Hulu Plus, HBO GO, and even TuneIn Radio! That’s right, you can listen to RasRadioLive or RadioIO right from your television with a Roku box.

Other channels that seem to be popular, for some reason, are the many adult-oriented channels that @FourToedJones will be more than happy to tell you about if you ask him. Imagine a world where corporate cable didn’t rule the materials coming to your television… that’s what Roku is.

One of the highlighted features of the new Roku box is the remote. While it may be a small remote that seems like it might get lost, there are two caveats to the remote that make it a must have. First, there is a 3.5mm jack on the Roku remote that allows you to plug a pair of included headphones in so your partner does not have to be woken up to the sounds of you watching Django Unchained at two in the morning. The other part about the remote is that you truly do not need it. Get yourself the free app on iPhone or Android, and you can control your Roku right from bed.

All in all, for $99, the Roku offers more content than you can use, ever. If you have an extra television that needs a cable box, but you haven’t gotten around to it, why bother? Buy a Roku , connect it to that old TV, and make yourself a man cave.

The Roku that has been linked to this page offers connections with an affordable HDMI Cable but if you’d like, there are also links at the bottom of this page for other models that have connections with RCA Component cables.