SaltyTalk’s Weekend Warmup May 2nd, 2014

Scotty Remote AND, fortunately, Scotty IN STUDIO!
The Russia Problem – Cold War Reboot!
A look ahead to – The Wopsikin Anniversary
Duke University – “Words Aren’t Harmless”
Clippers Fine? $1.54
No Ham? No Bacon? = No Subway
Google Glass … $1,500 vs $79.78
Christianism 10 vs Satanism 11
2 Alaska State Troopers Killed
Hero, Hero’s, Heroes? What is a Hero?
Medical Marijuana in Florida – House Vote 111 to 7
Police Officer Abuses – K9 Police Officer
Traffic Enforcement Abolished – Accident Almost GONE!
LEXY has an Entitlement Meltdown!!!
Lexy realizes she is LATE to the airport.
Hugz n Kisses to Everybody!