January 8th, 2014

A shocking video showing a Border Patrol agent acknowledging the constitutional right to refuse questions has many pleasantly surprised.

The short video begins by showing a group of young individuals driving towards California’s I-8 Westbound checkpoint. On deck to be questioned, the vehicle ahead of them is flagged for further inspection.

Preparing to opt out of answering questions, the group continues filming as they roll up to the station’s Border Patrol agent.

“What’s going on guys? You guys legal US citizens still? Haven’t given it up yet?” the agent jokes.

“Are we free to go?” the driver and passenger respond.

Amazingly, although almost every similar encounter captured on film results in an irate agent demanding compliance, the border agent never hesitates as he excitedly praises the group for their decision.

“Yes, you know what? You guys are awesome for exercising your constitutional rights. I totally respect that,” the agent says.

The agent continues by commenting on the public’s growing dislike of checkpoints, a trend that has gained increased attention in recent years.

“A lot of guys come here and they’re jerks to us and we don’t appreciate that, but I totally appreciate you guys who are respectful, who don’t want to talk and we really can’t force you to do it. You guys have a good day,” the agent says in closing.

While the encounter appears to be at an unconstitutional internal checkpoint, the agent’s decision not to harass the group for their refusal is a small step in the right direction.

Immigration checkpoints have been used to justify what is now referred to as the “constitution free zone,” which encompasses 100-miles inward from every border in the country. Federal agents have used the unconstitutional decision to forcibly violate the Fourth Amendment rights of millions of Americans.

With the growing backlash against all forms of government checkpoints, police in many areas of the country have began refusing to take part, as countless checkpoint refusal videos go viral online.

Just last year, an encounter at an Independence Day DUI checkpoint sparked outrage after video captured officers admitting to violating a man’s rights. Scrambling to defend the officer’s actions, the department was bombarded with complaints and phone calls by several grassroots social media campaigns.

Given the massive popularity of videos containing law enforcement upholding constitutional rights, the alternative media’s focus on the topic appears to making some ground.