December 11, 2013


Jon Stewart Nails Obama on NSA: ‘If You Like Your Spy, You Can Keep Your Spy’

On last night’s edition of The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart completely ripped into the National Security Agency (NSA) and President Obama’s rhetoric concerning the agency’s actions. Stewart details the President’s pandering to the American people and details some of the lies told about the NSA.

“Rules are made to broken” Stewart declared, before correcting himself noting that he was actually thinking about small glass figurines.

Jon Stewart kicked off Monday night with the latest NSA revelations: the surveillance agency was monitoring World of Warcraft, Second Life, and Xbox Live. Stewart used the occasion to recap some of the biggest NSA stories this year, taking shot after shot at President Obama for not exactly being forthcoming about what the NSA’s really been up to. How bad did it get? After Stewart methodically went point-by-point down the line about all the revelations contradicting Obama, he then explained Obama’s plan all along was “If you like your NSA spy, you can keep your NSA spy.”

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