In this weeks episode, SeanRas was joined by his wife Lexy and FourToedJones.  FourToed talked about his love of chemtrails, followed by SeanRas showing off his lovely reading skills as they discussed the nastiest things you’ll find at your grocery store. TF52’s ex-girlfriend Shifty called in to chat with Sean and FourToed about assault weapons bans and wrapped up the hour touching on Roll-Your-Own smoking. In the second hour Jack Blood joined the show and covered a lot of interesting topics from the next big disasters to watch for, to watching out for your savings, to Geo-engineering. You can find Jack Blood at where his archives are put up regularly. In the third hour the hosts went into crazy mode talking about whether guns and boats mix, carry permits for your taser, a 7 year old getting arrested, a 70 year old coach that shot attackers at a H.S., oh and smart meters. The third hour went a little long, but that’s OK, they like it that way. Catch us next week as FourToedJones will be live in studio with us, and don’t forget to check out and show your support.


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