This week we had FourToedJones out and Ferris joined us in studio as we delved into the Boston Marathon Bombing.  Among other things in the first hour, we covered drug running, and risk factors in life.  As the first hour moved along Sean and Ben talked of Miranda Rights, and Jury Duty as well ass Jury Nullification.  Michael Shaner joined us in the second hour to talk about the public safety clause and the concept of liberty and martial law.  The boys also got into the mass media perverting journalism and the fertilizer plant throwing a lawsuit at Monsanto.  In the third hour we had many callers, thank you to Kevin Harris, Buzzy, Blind Lawrence and Red for the trip down radio nostalgia lane.  Also, someone got “RAS’d” this week (red headed step child0 , no pun intended,  stay tuned for next week!!