This week FourToed returned to the show and talks about while he’ll never fly domestically again.  Sean played a Bush interview audio clip. and they talk about a hot button word.  Lexy, Dave and Sean also talk about the taxation of the seasonal flu vaccine.  It’s also worth noting that  Dave exclaims that Sean was right with his terrorist attack prediction.  In the second hour we listen to a Piers Morgan rant, Morgan seems to have a serious problem with inanimate objects.  This topic rolled us into a good conversation on prohibition and decriminalization.  Sean also read parts of an article you can find in Rolling Stones magazine talking of the Illuminati and the World’s Largest Banks grip on society.  Dave wrapped up the second hour have a cheer leading session with Bitcoin.  In the third hour we were joined by InfoAssassin, Chris with UnBound Radio who came into the show to talk about Smart Dust.  Sean delves into alternate hypothesis in regards to the bombing and whether it is related to making a push for getting Russia on the side of the U.S. during the war on terror.  The boys had a brief discussion about the fertilizer plant explosion, CISPA, and Marshall Law.  And to quote Dave , “bad will always find a way to fuck with us…..we are expendable tax cattle.”  Don’t fund the system, but do join us next week!!