Mammoth federal agency continues unchallenged invasion of non-transportation related events

Adan Salazar
March 17, 2014

St. Patrick's Day celebration, Portland, Maine / WCSH

St. Patrick’s Day celebration, Portland, Maine / WCSH

A St. Patrick’s Day celebration and parade this past weekend in Portland, Maine, boasted a high turnout, and one notable attendee was the Department of Homeland Security.

The Transportation Security Administration, having long ago shed the “transportation” part of its resumé, was “visibly guarding the parade route,” according to WCSH.

TSA confusingly present at non-transportation related event. / Photo: WCSH

TSA confusingly present at non-transportation related event. / Photo: WCSH

The report doesn’t include explanation as to why TSA officers were policing the event, nor does it say how many officers there were or whether the agents were conducting checkpoints or airport-style patdowns, but their presence again highlights a marked departure from transportation-related endeavors – as their title would imply – and into the everyday mundane lives of normal citizens.

For years, the TSA has been slithering its way out from behind airport wait lines and on to the streets of America, using manufactured crisis and the threat of terrorism as pretext to gradually invade the lives of innocent people and wither away any remaining vestiges of a free society.

The TSA has already rolled out on to highways, train stations, and public buses around the country, but they have also made the audacious jump out of transportation and on to things like conducting security for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan campaign speaking events, despite these events having nothing to do with “transportation” whatsoever.

In an equally puzzling move, the TSA also made its way out of the U.S. entirely, flying overseas to conduct security at London’s Heathrow airport in anticipation of the 2012 Olympic Games.

The TSA’s stated goal is to keep terrorists at bay, but with the push to police parades and even the Super Bowl, not to mention a fleet of agents still eager to stick their hands down people’s pants, the menacing agency pushes us ever-closer to a full-fledged military occupation and police state, and begins to resemble the very terrorists it purports to defend us from.

A constant TSA police presence serves not only to overwhelm citizens, but provides the muscle to maintain faux control over situations. It also indoctrinates us as a society to accept this form of overboard policing as normal and conditions citizens to expect guilty until proven innocent treatment wherever traveled.

Unfortunately, if you thought you could avoid the blue rubber glove grasp of the TSA by avoiding airports altogether, you’ve got another thing coming.