An unknown blog showed up on weather radar, in the same location as an arsenal in Alabama.

Weather Radar Photo

Weather Radar Photo

By JG Vibes
June 6, 2013

Public Relations Specialist, Terri Stover, has released the following statement in relation to media inquiries about the mysterious blob detected on radar.

“Aviation and missile technology testing at Redstone collects data that protects and improves the weapon systems that America’s sons and daughters are using in ongoing overseas contingency operations, and in forward-deployed areas worldwide. As a matter of Operational Security policy, we do not offer details concerning the circumstances under which testing activities are performed. Further, discussing specific measures and operational procedures could adversely affect the success of testing activities. We routinely evaluate and validate weapon systems and components so that we and our allies can maintain the edge over adversaries. Testing assures that war fighting capabilities are in a high state of readiness.” reported that:

Researchers at the University of Alabama in Huntsville and the National Weather Service are working to figure out why radars are showing a mysterious blob above Redstone Arsenal after 1:45 p.m. today, the Times’ news partner WHNT News 19 is reporting. The anomaly showed up late this afternoon and was centered near the northwest edge of Redstone Arsenal close to Zierdt Road and Madison Boulevard/I-565. WHNT reported it was first believed the radar image was being caused by a damaged substation in the Madison or West Huntsville area.

However, Huntsville Utilities used a spectral analyzer to see if a frequency generated at the substation was “tricking” the radar but tests showed no damage or other problems that could be causing the image. Radar showed no chaff as would be deployed from military aircraft, clouds or anything else in the sky that might be causing the image. Arsenal officials said they did not know what was causing the echo to appear.

After the initial report the local media as went into damage control, saying that this was caused by a “fiber glass chaff”.

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