August 13, 2013,


SOUTH COUNTY, MO (KTVI)– Residents were alarmed after a SWAT team lined a South County neighborhood Tuesday night.

The quiet South County street was crawling with SWAT officers, an unnerving situation which turns out to have been the relatively routing service of a warrant.

An unidentified man pulled up around 8:15 p.m. was frisked by police and then detained for questioning, but what got neighbors here very upset happened a few minutes earlier.  It was the presence of a SWAT team, complete with officers wearing armor and carrying assault rifles surrounding the man’s home as police went to the door.  One woman frantically told her husband, the army’s here.

As it turns out, St. Louis County police say the use of the SWAT team is standard procedure in serving a felony warrant, no matter what it’s for.  In this case officers say it was an administrative warrant, though they wouldn’t elaborate.  For people on Autumn Drive, it was all a little unsettling.

Police say that it was the service of an administrative warrant by their special investigations unit.  Officers will not go into any greater detail, though SWAT team members were downplaying it again saying that their presence on any felony warrant search is standard practice.