Week In Review July 28, 2013

Hour 1

Joe in Naples is on the road tonight, so Blind Lawrence joins the show.
Kevin talks about the jobs he’s held over the years and the places he’s been to.
The guys talk about the weather.
Kevin gives Steve some heart to heart advice on eating healthy; he
discusses when he was 360 pounds.

Hour 2

Steve reads a story concerning Texas.
Lawrence plays a story concerning a cop who shot an unarmed kid.
Kevin talks about interviewing Billy West.
Lawrence talked about a teacher who was fired for putting out a fire.
The guys talk about Detroit and unions.
Buzzard Bob hates unions.
Melissa in Denver, a former teacher comments on how messed up the Unions are.

Hour 3

Kevin talks about the hypocrisy of unions, “tripping over a dollar to
get a dime.” He then talks about raising his kid.
Steve’s laptop microphone is goofed on, Lawrence then talked about his
setup, this lead into his impressions of Sean Ras and Dave.
Kevin educates Steve on GMO foods.
Lawrence gives a run-down of the schedule on RasRadioLive.com; Sarah
Slamen will be guest on Lawrence’s show that airs Friday night at 7:00
on the network.
Audio of Sarah Slamen, Kevin thinks she’s hot.
The guys discuss the problems with politics in America.
Lawrence mentioned something concerning the abortion hearings.
Sean Raspatello called in with the news that his Uncle Bobby died, he
then talked about what he meant to him and his family.
Wayne in Baltimore called into express his feelings.
Kevin has only cried twice on radio – once when Colin G Brady died,
and just now.
Lawrence thinks Wayne in Baltimore sounds like Tracy Morgan, this
leads to the two guys doing impression of the guy.
Steve talked about when his Dad passed away.
Kevin talked about what his Dad taught him, and what he wants to teach
his son.The guys talk about how’d they’d like to die.
Steve asks Lawrence about girls.
Buzzard Bob calls into bust Lawrence’s chops.
The guys plug their social media pages.
After a prank call, Lawrence has a disclaimer.
Steve thanks the guys for having him on the show, he likes how he got
to know Lawrence a little better.
Lawrence and Steve talk about sports.
The show ends with Kevin and Lawrence goofing on Joe in naples.
Kevin plays “Melissa” by the Allman Brothers for Melissa in Denver.