Well what can i say this show is just another day in the life of me!!!!!
Once agian my family is on the air with me..I love the family..Every family is a great thing..we share the moments in time that may not have been funny at the moment for them….but now we can look back laugh and have fun..
The best moments in the show are random!! but when they look back they question themselfs..lol..did i say that on the radio..lmfao

Then i had Sonny Bama on the show to talk about himself and the new cd coming out and what he’s up to.. Great interview..i was kinda nervious…check him out on http://sonnybama.com/ buy the new album on itune google play amazon and get the hard copyoff his site…what are you waiting for!!!! GO GET IT NOW!!!!!PREORDER THAT SHIT!!!

Also had on Piff  he is a up and coming rapper out of pa..He has his head on straight and shooting for the prise.. you can find him on sondcloud.com search piff23   there some good stuff on there..

i want to thank both of my interviews for taking there time from there day to be on www.rasradiolive.com / Guilty by association

After that interview a shit load of people showed up at my house..So the fun was on. my family is like no other.. well really no more weird then yours!!!
we got some really out there stories..but if you sit back for a min you can think of the ones your family holds..the one thing about a family that can laugh at some crazy shit like that is the kind that i know has my back…