The White House is flooded with scandals this week. Attempts to politicize the IRS against the Tea Party backfired, as did efforts by the administration to spy on Associated Press reporters. On the national security front, shocking new allegations have emerged regarding the tragedy in Benghazi in which four Americans lost their lives.


According to a report by Roger L Simon at PJ Media, a pair of US ex-diplomats indicated that another group of whistleblowers are preparing to come forward with shocking allegations that Clinton, in an effort to back the revolution against Gaddafi, provided stinger missiles to Al Qaeda affiliated groups in Libya, who then used those weapons in the attack in Benghazi.


The CIA Opposed Arming Libyan Rebels with Weapons Capable of Harming Civilian Aircraft


According to PJ Media’s diplomatic sources, Clinton’s state department wanted to provide Libyan rebels with stinger missiles to score a low-cost win against Gaddafi, but the CIA refused the mission over worries that giving shoulder-fired missiles to Al Qaeda affiliated rebels near European civilian flight space could have some unintended consequences.


Apparently, the state department went forward with the mission anyway, and, after the mission ended, Ambassador Stevens was sent to Benghazi to recollect the missiles and send them to Syria, where they would be illegally used next by Al Qaeda affiliated groups in the fight against Assad’s regime. It’s beginning to look like the groups didn’t want to return the weapons and that those missiles were instead used to attack the US consulate in Benghazi.


According to these allegations, the administration was aware of the attack after it started and told nearby General Ham of AFRICOM not to send troops to their aid. The story then goes that Ham violated the chain of command, sent troops anyway, and was relieved of his duty. Additionally, the whistleblowers are expected to indicate that the Petraeus scandal was leaked at the time that it was as a way to silence him from discussing the Benghazi operation, which he allegedly opposed.


The Whistleblowers Are Preparing Their Legal Cases


According to Roger L Simon, these whistleblowers need unique legal protection due to the sensitive nature of their assignments. As a result, their testimony will come out in the near future, after they have taken the necessary steps to protect themselves from legal retaliation. However, these sources are still anonymous and should be evaluated with a degree of skepticism until they come forward officially.


If the claims being made are true, then the Obama administration, and particularly Hillary Clinton, are in serious trouble. Congress specifically voted to deny the administration the power to intervene in Libya. Similarly, Congress has given the administration no authority to arm Al Qaeda affiliated rebel groups against Assad in Syria.


The US government has a bad record when it comes to arming rebel groups around the world. One of the CIA’s most famous proteges, Osama Bin Laden, turned against the US in a similar manner. It’s time we learned the lessons from recent events and stopped giving deadly weapons to radical groups that hate the United States before more lives are lost. Non-interventionism holds the key to peace, safety, and security for America, not instigating rebellions and giving shoulder-fired rockets to militant groups around the world.