SaltyTalk, January 21

The daily bullshit thrown around from the Right Wing and from the Left Wing is just THAT… BULLSHIT …


In the early days of America there were numerous political parties. Over time, your masters began to realize that a 2 party system of governing would better suit their needs and requirements for maintaining control over you – their financial mainstay. As such virtually all other parties were eventually brought to the point of utter extinction. A simple two party system allows for increased hostility between the rank and file which makes it far easier for leaders to keep their back door dealings in the shadows.


Each side has a dedicated base of devoted followers that are so intrinsically consumed with the rhetoric from their respective leadership that they have long since forgotten their innate ability to think for themselves.  Instead, the devotees will latch upon a given subject as prescribed by the conformist media, chew it to the bone, grind the bone to dust and repeat this process while igniting more and more hatred between the masses as the elite sit perched undaunted and without challenge to their rule.


If tomorrow you were to awaken without a job, without the financial support of another social slave or without a check from the government, would you be able to survive?


99% will answer – NO … Or, they are lying to themselves.


Can you sustain yourself? Can you feed yourself and your family without the mainstream WalMart, grocery store, filling station or fast food joint?


Again, 99% of you will answer in the negative.


Open your eyes to the bonds of “Soft Slavery” to which you have become SO acclimated. Think about what you do every day. Is it something that makes YOU truly happy? Is it something of TRUE VALUE? Is it something that, without ANYONE ELSE, you could still survive?


I don’t know about you, but, I can’t eat a computer or cell phone or a car.


What LIVING VALUE does a bank produce? None …


Americans have been duped into a bipartisan consumer based system of slavery. The vast majority of us wake daily to attend to the duties of shuffling fake, digital, nonexistent computerized “money” into the coffers of the slave master.


Take a moment and examine the world around you. Examine your day to day. Think about your “job”. Is it for you and your family? Does it sincerely benefit the lives of your community? Or, is it simply time to make the donuts?


This rant isn’t meant as an insult to anyone. We are ALL enslaved. The problem is that so many are unaware. Most see the dealings of our government as being for their benefit. Or, that their jobs are critical to their own personal happiness and well being. We have all been trained to think this way from birth.


Count your fingers and toes … Random guess that the number would be around 20 …


20 people in the world hold more financial wealth than the remaining human beings on the planet combined.


They are your masters … They hold the strings to your government leaders, your controllers, your governors, your law enforcement.


You work at a job you may or may not enjoy, you pay taxes for the privilege of doing so. Your masters get richer and richer. You get your pittance. All the while adding to the control of the financial elite.


If you attempt to remove yourself from their equation you are branded as a criminal. Placed in prison. Removed from the site of the other slaves, for their protection.


Even growing your own food is now seen as a form of criminal behavior:


“Michigan Woman Arrested and Jailed for Growing Organic Vegetables in her Front Yard”


“Georgia Man Fined $5000 for Growing Vegetables”


The posturing from the government is meant to keep the people divided. To keep you from seeing the bigger picture.


If you think you live in the land of the free, think again.


You ARE a Slave.


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