Part A
Show intro, elevator etiquette, Blind Lawrence show bomb, and incessant rambling
Ferris clearly displays rookie moves and loses control of audio.
Tampa Bay is Stripper capital of the world

Part B
Scott from St. Louis and Amber call in to welcome the new show.
Ferris wants to be romanced in an indecent way
Ras is up to the task and makes a filthy proposition
Ferris explains the origins of Monkey Snout with Shifty

Part A
Ferris’s assistant calls in to talk about sexual harrassment
Lexy answers the call and walks us through the perfect date, which leads to more stripper-talk.
Buzzy calls in with some trucker hate
Ferris describes his new dating strategy

Part B
Magically, some audio was played – ship my pants and Aussie phone calls to tha ladies
Kevin from AZ checks in to say hello
If you don’t get Buzzy to say “fuck you” ya ain’t doin’ it right
Amber calls back to remind us that she is the CO-HOST of Drunk & Disorderly

Hour 3
Ass-kissing session, shout-outs, love fest
Ferris tries to set expectations
Billy checks in, which apparently leads to even more stripper talk
Four-Toed calls in to describe his latest attempt at vehicular homicide

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