During this week Sean Ras was looking to go back to basics with Lexy, FourToedJones and Kevin Harris as they discussed the events of 911.  The boys discussed how they woke up to the other side of the story mainly after discovering building 7.  The odd coincidence of drills being performed in the exact same scenario on the exact same day of certain attacks all over the world was also debated.  In the second hour the group listened to audio from Robert Welch about the slow process of the fall of the free world.  Sean and Dave discussed how people are controlled through government issued money and how war is a racquet.  The Last hour was jam packed with callers and an array of different matters from FAA drone testing, staying off the radar, the 1993 car bomb during the Clinton administration, and controlled demolition.  Weapons bans were also a topic of discussion and how many countries have fallen into this way of living oddly enough after school shootings  took place.  Thanks again for the calls from  Mike, Skinbuisquits, Wolfman, and Buzzy.  Take note of what the government is capable of doing!